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  Alle C. Hall   Alle C. Hall won the 2009 Richard Hugo House New Works Competition. Other work is in Creative Nonfiction, BUST, Literary Mama, The Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, and The Stranger. The photo to your left is not Alle. It’s a zygote. Alle thinks a lot about childhood.  
  A. C. Wells   A. C. Wells  
  Adam_Grant_Warren   Adam Grant Warren was born and raised in Newfoundland, where he began his writing career as a columnist for the CBC Morning Show. He moved west to study at Vancouver Film School, where he now teaches a nebulously titled course in Writing With Style.  
  Amanda Lee Smith   Amanda Lee Smith is a freelance writer and editor, originally from Vancouver. In 2006 she left for Scotland and spent the next four years coming back, incrementally, by way of Oxford and Toronto. Now in Seattle, she’ll never again take for granted the smell of pine needles and sea salt.  
  Caleb Zimmerman   Caleb Zimmerman has lived and written in northern BC, Japan, and Alberta – where he earned an MA in English at the University of Calgary. His work has most recently been published in Geist and Dandelion. Caleb currently lives in metro Vancouver where he is Associate Director of Communications at Trinity Western University.  
  Caroline Cooper   Caroline Cooper is a high school English teacher in New York City. She is currently working on her first novel. Her writing has appeared in The South China Morning Post, Tank Magazine, The Washington Post and on New York's WQXR classical radio.  
  Jim Boraas   Jim Boraas is Art Director at This Great Society. He has a BFA from Emily Carr University and works as a freelance photographer and web designer in Vancouver.
  Joel Bentley   Joel Bentley is the Managing Editor of This Great Society. He lives in Vancouver with his new bride and an apartment full of books. @joeldbentley  
  Kristin Fryer   Kristin Fryer is Copy Editor at This Great Society. She has recently completed an M.A. in philosophy and literature at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. She tweets about writing, editing, and publishing trends at @KristinFryer.  
  Lauren Bentley   Lauren Bentley is an editor and writer. Her work includes journalism, communications, and freelance editing. In her free time, she compiles lists, browses maps, and watches her favorite TV show, Jeopardy!  
  Linette Schut   Linette Schut is Chief Copy Editor at This Great Society. She is a support worker with an Honours Psychology degree from Trinity Western University. She lives in Vancouver where she enjoys exploring new yarn shops to perpetuate her knitting addiction. She blogs at  
  Linnea McNally   Linnea McNally is Nonfiction Editor at This Great Society. Equipped with an MA in English (SFU), she is currently earning her BEd. Linnea co-founded TWU's [spaces] and has published in journals like Cirque and Ampersand. She also researches dead ladies for The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory.  
  Mark Gunderson   Mark Gunderson lives in Portland, OR. He earned a BA in Fine Arts and Art History from Portland State University and an MAT from George Fox University. He loves spending time with his wife and four kids who constantly inspire his art. markjamesgunderson.blogspot  
  Nels Hanson   Nels Hanson has worked as a farmer, teacher, and contract writer/editor. His fiction received the San Francisco Foundation’s James D. Phelan Award, and his stories have appeared in Antioch Review, Texas Review, Black Warrior Review, Southeast Review, Montreal Review, and other journals.  
  Noah C. Buck   Noah C. Buck lives in New York, NY. He graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Speech Communication and Media Criticism. He’s a server, writer, model, and a sucker for the French language, dogs and cats—though he never wants a pet of his own.  
  Patrick O. Strickland   Patrick O. Strickland received a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from University of North Texas. He writes both fiction and nonfiction, and travels in and writes about politically tense areas on his blog,  
  Rebekah Joy Plett   Rebekah Joy Plett was born by a fishing hole on a clear and crisp December morning. Drawing creativity from the sea, she resides in a lighthouse atop a giant cliff where tiny boats run the risk of gashing their hulls on the razor-sharp Canadian coast.
  Robert Wexelblatt   Robert Wexelblatt is professor of humanities at Boston University’s College of General Studies.  
  Shari-Anne Vis   Shari-Anne Vis received a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design, spending a year studying Renaissance painting in Florence, Italy. She has exhibited in Toronto, Germany, and Italy, as well as Vancouver, where she lives with her husband and son.  
  Trevor Leyenhorst   Trevor Leyenhorst enjoys learning. He's currently becoming an American Sign Language-English Interpreter in Burnaby, though he usually goes about as an event videographer or just plain human being, learning from people, travel, readings and dreams. His favorite weather is wind.  
  Vanessa Libertad Garcia   Vanessa Libertad Garcia has completed successful projects in both film and literary worlds. Her book The Voting Booth After Dark: Despicable, Embarrassing, Repulsive is garnering laudable reviews. She’s currently in development for her feature film Dear Dios, based on the book’s characters.  
  Veronica Collins   Veronica Collins is Editor-in-Chief of This Great Society. She is a writer, an editor, and very occasionally an artist. In addition to her freelance work, Veronica is a communications professional who works in Vancouver, BC.  
  Vic Cavalli   Vic Cavalli 's poetry, short fiction, photography, and visual art have been published in various literary journals in Canada, the United States, England, North Africa, and Australia. He is currently living in British Columbia, Canada. Selections from his visual art portfolio can be viewed at  
  Will Jameson   Will Jameson is Poetry Editor and Development Manager at This Great Society. He holds a degree in creative writing from the University of Washington in Seattle. When he is not fundraising or grant writing, he tries to put poetry and fiction on paper.  
  Zach Bulick   Zach Bulick is a designer and illustrator living and working in Vancouver, BC. He enjoys tea and company in his Cedar Cottage neighbourhood home. Zach posts things he likes, draws, and makes at:  
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