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  Alle C. Hall   Alle C. Hall won the 2009 Richard Hugo House New Works Competition. Other work is in Creative Nonfiction, BUST, Literary Mama, The Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, and The Stranger. The photo to your left is not Alle. It’s a zygote. Alle thinks a lot about childhood.  
  Alysha Creighton   Alysha Creighton is a visual artist and teacher from Vancouver, BC. Her performance-based drawing and intermedia works explore issues of embodiment and identity. She is currently trying to keep warm in the blustery city of Edmonton while pursuing her MFA in Drawing/Intermedia from the University of Alberta.  
  Amanda Walton   Amanda Walton recently completed her BFA in Painting at the University of Regina. She is living and working happily on the prairies, considering grad school, while reveling in the elusive freedom beyond academia.  
  Anita DeMahy   Anita DeMahy is a Seattle native who writes short stories. She loves animals, independent film, and refurnishing and painting furniture. She currently attends the Creative Writing MA at London Metropolitan University and works freelance doing copy writing and editing in the UK.  
  Edward Wells II   Edward Wells II is a writer, recently returned to schooling. His work, The Rider, has been accepted for serial publication at The Bicycle Review. His most recent collection, Mexico 2009, was released by Full of Crow. His author page is viewable on Facebook.  
  Greg de Haan   Greg de Haan was born and raised near Vancouver. He spent a year studying in Ontario, then returned home to acquire a trades ticket in plumbing. He spends his free time biking or walking with his wife Tina and his dog Moose.  
  Hilary Meyerson   Hilary Meyerson is a Seattle freelance writer, a former attorney and the mother of two elementary school age kids. She juggles family and professional responsibilities while maintaining a sense of humour. She writes about family, the arts, and food, and is currently at work on her first novel.
  Jenny Hawkinson   Jenny Hawkinson recently graduated from Trinity Western University with a BA in Visual Arts. She now lives in Vancouver and is learning the ropes of being a little artist in the big city. Her preferred styles range from painting and assemblage to guerrilla style public artwork.  
  Jillian Towery   Jillian Towery lives in Langley, BC, where she teaches a course called "Reading and Critical Thinking" to international students seeking Master's degrees. Her newest great loves (besides her husband's exemplary cooking) include the art of paper cutting and relearning French in preparation for a Master's degree.  
  Jim Boraas   Jim Boraas is Art Director at This Great Society. He has a BFA from Emily Carr University and works as a freelance photographer and web designer in Vancouver.
  Joel Bentley   Joel Bentley is the Managing Editor of This Great Society. He is currently training for the Seattle to Portland Classic bicycle race while raising funds to support World Literacy Canada through his Books & Bicycles project.  
  Kris Krug   Kris Krug is a fashion, music, and portraits photographer, technologist and author based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is currently working on several projects including photography, teaching, and consulting about new media and the internet.  
  Laura Milligan   Laura Milligan is Blog Editor and Events Manager at This Great Society. She has a Master's in Art History and Curatorial Practice from York University in Ontario. Laura currently lives with her husband in Vancouver BC. Her culinary and cultural finds can be enjoyed at her blog:  
  Lauren Oglesby   Lauren Oglesby is a music-making native of Seattle, WA. She currently attends Seattle Pacific University and is a member of the band Be Honest, Ruth Bryan! You can listen to more of her music at and
  Lauren Thompson   Lauren Thompson is Promotions Manager and Copy Editor at This Great Society. She is an editor and writer based in the Seattle area. Her work includes journalism, communications, and freelance editing. In her free time, she compiles lists, browses maps, and watches her favorite TV show, Jeopardy!  
  Leah Albertson   Leah Albertson lives in Santa Monica, California, where she works in marketing for the popular TOMS Shoes company. She's a photographer and designer whose favourite medium is a disposable camera. She also loves road trips.  
  Linette Schut   Linette Schut is Chief Copy Editor at This Great Society. She is a support worker with an Honours Psychology degree from Trinity Western University. She lives in Vancouver where she enjoys exploring new yarn shops to perpetuate her knitting addiction.  
  Linnea Elynn McNally   Linnea Elynn McNally is Nonfiction Editor at This Great Society. She is finishing her English MA at SFU, and will celebrate her (possibly temporary) exit from academia with a summer trip to the UK. Her next goal is to publish her first creative collection. Linnea's work has appeared in Cirque, Ampersand, [spaces], and TGS.  
  Mark Gunderson   Mark Gunderson lives in Portland, OR. He earned a BA in Fine Arts and Art History from Portland State University and is currently working towards an MAT from George Fox University. He loves spending time with his wife and three boys, who constantly inspire his art:
  Pamela Biery   Pamela Biery is a freelance writer and communications professional whose work has appeared in numerous publications. Pamela resides in Seattle and is beginning a blog exploring the art, life, and travels of Emily Carr: launches in Summer 2011. She maintains the website  
  Patrick O. Strickland   Patrick O. Strickland received a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from University of North Texas. He is a contributing co-editor for He writes fiction and nonfiction. In July, Patrick will begin an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University in Israel.  
  Sarah Nielsen   Sarah Nielsen is a visual artist currently living in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. She enjoys working (playing!) in a variety of media including graphite, watercolour, installation, earthwork, and video.  
  Shari-Anne Gibson   Shari-Anne Gibson received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design, before spending a year studying Renaissance painting in Florence, Italy. She has exhibited in Toronto, Germany, and Italy, and most recently in her new home city of Vancouver.  
  Stephanie Platter   Stephanie Platter is currently a teacher of high school English & Film in Seattle. She has her MIT from Northwest University. She was recently told to choose five delights that refuel her, and of family, good coffee, film, and music, writing sits at the top.  
  Veronica Collins   Veronica Collins is Editor-in-Chief of This Great Society. She is a writer, an editor, and very occasionally an artist. In addition to her freelance work, Veronica is a communications professional who works in Vancouver, BC.  
  Victoria Kloch   Victoria Kloch was born in the Bay Area of California, and currently lives high in the foothills up north. As an artist and founder of the new online art community, she is involved with fine artists from all over the world.  
  Will Jameson   Will Jameson is Poetry Editor and Development Manager at This Great Society. He holds a degree in creative writing from the University of Washington in Seattle. When he is not fundraising or grant writing, he tries to put poetry and fiction on paper.  
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