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Veronica Collins
  Contributors - This Great Society =Illustrator= =Visual Artist= =Commercial Writer= =Creative Writer= =Poet=   is Editor-in-Chief of This Great Society. She is a writer, an editor, and very occasionally an artist. In addition to her freelance work, Veronica is a communications professional who works in Vancouver, BC.  

Best of Issues:
Poetry: Signal Fire

Illustrations for:
Issue 34 (Best of Arts)
Issue 33 (Best of Poetry)
Issue 32 (Best of Fiction)

Previous contributions:
Poetry: Innocence
Creative Nonfiction: The Circling
Creative Nonfiction: There
Poetry: Bloodletting
Poetry: Signal Fire
Short Story: Necessity
Creative non‐fiction: Survival Skills
Creative non-fiction & Illustration: Remembrance
Memoir and Illustration: Companions of Youth
Creative Non-fiction: My Mother's Hair
Personal Essay: Faraway in the Jungle
Poetry: Humble Things
Editorial: Defying Banality

Illustrations for:
Issue 32 (Best of: Fiction)
A Small Price by Max West
Issue 23 (Luck)
13 Weeks by Deb Couch
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This Blog is Going Smash:
Autumn’s Top Ten
Write it Down: Rescuing Your Ideas
Belonging To Your Life
Optimism: Not for Sissies
Getting Personal
Ritual and Real Life
I Would Like to Call it Beauty
Little Objects for the Soul
In the Land of Memory
Spirituality, Erotic Energy, and Sister Aimee
Summer Compendium
Heaven is a Place on Earth
Zen Tuesday
On Basketball and Failure
In Praise of Stupid Ideas
Put an Egg on It
Canadian Voices I Love
Ain’t Nobody Who can Sing Like Me
Pulitzer Prize Fiction Winner for 2011
Writing for People who Read
Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Detained by Authorities

This Great Society - Contents
This Great Society - Contents