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Leah Murphy
  Contributors - This Great Society =Designer= =Photographer=   lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband and collection of torn out pages from jcrew & anthropologie catalogs. She's a photographer and designer whose favourite medium is a disposable camera. She also loves road trips. (Some visual musings and other oddities here:  

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Illustrations for:
Capsized Sky in a Bottle by John Paul Calavitta
Caffe Trieste on San Pablo by Catherine Simpson

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Illustrations for:
Caffe Trieste on San Pablo by Catherine Simpson
Capsized Sky in a Bottle, Action is at Surface, and Dead Prerogative
by John Paul Calavitta
Untitled, Two Poems by Simon Perchik
An Alumni Update in Five Drafts by Thomas Cairns
The Colleen by Annie Wells
SAMSARA: Cycles of Continuing Birth by Pamela Biery
A High-Priced Man by Chris Nikkel
Heroic in the Ways of Waking by Ben Linkewich
In Hiding by Sonali T. Sikchi
LOCOMOTIVES & ROSES by Kenji Alexander Kabayama Skulstad
Coming Back by Diane Sepanski
A Dream Without Borders by Matthew Laine
My Evil Twin Has a Moustache and
MODOK MODOK (Why Are You Killing Everybody) by Daniel Wagner
Ode to a Black Butterfly by Noah C. Buck
Falling Stars by Kristin Fryer
Professional by Dawn Watkins
Pass Me the Roast Beef… And a Story by Anneli Matheson

This Great Society - Contents
This Great Society - Contents