This Great Society - Contents

Joel Bentley
  Contributors - This Great Society =Photographer= =Commercial Writer= =Creative Writer= =Journalist=   is the Managing Editor of This Great Society. He lives in Vancouver with his new bride and an apartment full of books. @joeldbentley  

Best of Issues:
Short Stories: Well Sure, I Coould Always Use Another Lawn Chair

Illustrations for:
Hypnosis and Other Haikus by Rune Davidsen
Whilst Absinthe makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Patrick Bruskiewich
Lucky Day by Patrick O. Strickland
The Grace of a Happy Death by Vic Cavalli
Mowat Bay by Kristin Fryer
Confession of an Adolescent Arsonist by Robert Wexelblatt
Yellow Fish, Green Shoe by Nels Hanson

Previous Contributions:
Photography: Board Games
Photography: Dividing Line
Ode: Naps
Fable: The Angel and the Eel
Fable: The Fellowship of Foxes
Photographs: The House on 19th
Short Story: How to Say I Love You
Photographs: Sunset Peacock Flash
Creative Nonfiction & Illustration: Terrible
Short Story: Well sure, I could always use another lawn chair
Short Story & Illustration: Hollering like Indians
Flash Fiction: Need
Short Story & Illustration: Horizon
Flash Fiction: Pageant
Short Story: House of Cards
Creative Non-Fiction: Small Fish, Smaller Pond

Illustrations for:
A Short History of Battle by Robert Wexelblatt
Time Zones by Mary-Colleen Jenkins
The Virgin Queen by Julia M. Allen
The Grace of a Happy Death by Vic Cavalli
Man in the Basement by Chelsey Clammer
Riddle of the Past by Kufre Udeme
Yellow Fish, Green Shoe by Nels Hanson
Vic Cop's Wife by Vic Cavalli
permission slip by Robyn Cadamia
No Past, No Present, No Future by Alicia A. Curtis
Things that Grow in the Dark by Andrew Mills
Finely Distinguished Knowledge by Thomas Cairns
Milk Trees by Patrick O. Strickland
That Feeling by April Chye
My Father’s Father Dies at 8:07 a.m. on Monday, October 18, 2010
by William Henderson
Être un Oiseau en Novembre by Berger Rond
Cinnamon and Orange by Allison Quiller
Midnight Nekyia by Joseph Jon
Hard Water by Kyle Irion
Personally Challenged by Lauren Thompson and Linette Schut
Happy Mother's Day (Anonymous)
Entropy by Edward Wells II
Lucky Day by Patrick O. Strickland
Oh, So You're an Actor? by Anthony Jones
Dear Gap Inc by Lynn Passmore
What Boys' Dreams are Made Of by Linnea Elynn McNally
Confession of an Adolescent Arsonist by Robert Wexelblatt
These Are Their Stories by Cassie Hay
Believing by Linette Schut
Kansas by Michael Lee Johnson
nouns and unnouns by Edward Wells II
In From the Cold by Noah C. Buck
Folly All Over the Place by Chris Nash
The Try Not to Do List by Christine Schoenwald
Manifesto by Stephanie Toth
Misinvestments from Unit 4B by Mirah Foxe
Simply the Besti by Thomas Cairns
A Jolly Christmas by Tom Gage and Jay Jameson
On the Lives of Ideas by Emily Neufeld
Box by Brian Rush
Why the Sun Still Shines Through Fractured Windows by Noah C. Buck
Pushing a String: The Border between Classical and Quantum Physics
by Patrick Bruskiewich
Giant by Amanda Smith Regier
Whilst Absinthe makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Patrick Bruskiewich
A Dance Under Birds by Jim Boraas
Pattern by Linette Schut
Survival Skills by Veronica Collins
The Comfort of Villains by Thomas Cairns
When the Earth Leaves You by Jim Boraas
If we could walk at the speed of light,
we would all understand relativity
by Micah Towery
From the Ashes of Valhalla by Ben Linkewich
The Death of My Textual Countenance by Sharon Garrard
Land of Whirring Wings by Scott McTaggart
Hypnosis and other haikus by Rune Davidsen
The Blessing of Re-Experience by Sarah Weigum
Swallowing Air by Sarah Gackle
Small Fish, Smaller Pond by Joel Bentley
A Meditation on Death by Melissa Orsino
Defying Banality by Veronica Collins

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This Great Society - Contents
This Great Society - Contents