This Great Society - Contents

Jillian Towery
  Contributors - This Great Society =Illustrator= =Visual Artist= =Creative Writer=   is a graduate student of English literature at Simon Fraser University. When not reading and writing about things, she enjoys reading and writing about things.  

In This Issue:
Poetry: Queen Mab

Previous contributions:
Papercuts: Malappropriate
Drawings: Birds I Hate
Creative Nonfiction: The Car Curse
Paper Cuts: Three Stories About The Same Thing — All True
Creative Non-fiction: The Kitchen Bitch
Essay & Illustrations: Blind, Deaf, and Dumb
Poem: Queen Mab
Reflection & Illustrations: For the Birds
Short Story: Notorious

Illustrations for:
Issue 20: Family
Trilogy for The City by Micah Towery


This Great Society - Contents
This Great Society - Contents