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Illustration: Shari-Anne Vis

Sarah Gackle: There is more in me than blood and bones.
Illustration: Shari-Anne Vis


There is more in me than blood and bones;
More than fibers stretching fibers holding muscle moving joint;
More than the spark of mind’s fire, snapping synapses.

There is something deeper than senses.
Something I call good,
Something calling back, “not so.”
I cannot remove it with a simple bloodletting,
Still it escapes me in spurting streams
Or rises to the surface of my skin and evaporates,
surrounding me, then dispersing.

Yours and mine gather together in a cloud
That storms and swells, collecting his, hers and theirs.
We strain our senses under an opaque sky;

Painted without illumination,

We cannot see that it is beautiful,

This why inside my blood and bones.

This Great Society - Contents


This Great Society - Contents