This Great Society - Writing

Illustration: Trevor Leyenhorst

Alicia Marie Lawrence: Masking
Illustration: Trevor Leyenhorst


I should get someone to see the colour of my eyes
Without fear of such blatant truth
To disregard observations hoarded as jotted notes inside folders, the decomposing yellow of pine

Chewing on my toenails in a booster seat,
A city’s majesty advances as the road unrolls ahead,
It is the first building we enter when we arrive in town,
Brutalist grey next to unending brown brick
And a wall of windows,
Top floors tasting clouds

I should get someone to be nice to me
From inside, I imagine the sky extends

Leftover off-white bell-bottoms and side-burns losing their dash,
Fenced between mandarin orange tweed cubicle dividers,
Dodges from the desk
With a certain feral stealth
That culls the instinct of self-preservation,
Leaves us a trail of breadcrumbs

I should ignore those who claim to know me
From the way my statistical information is listed on file

Carbon paper, continuous tractor-feed printouts, data on the magnetic strip of a cassette,
Line the shelves of vaults,
From these, string together the beads of disrupted impressions

What did they do

Clockwork assist our unspeaking acceptance, one record to another,
Initial, outdate,
Paper trailed

I should believe in something
During the times that believing in my heartbeat
Is not enough


This Great Society - Contents


This Great Society - Contents