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Get involved:
This Great Society is built on voluntary contributions from artists and writers of all types. If you are interested in contributing to the Society or getting involved in some way, please contact us at:

Things you should know:
If there is talent, we will find a place to put it. Contributions do not need to be original to the Society. Some examples of the types of contributions, and their section headings:

Painting, photography, music, illustration, design, cartoon, film, drawing, film...etc.

Short stories, short short stories, poetry, lyrics, memoirs, drama...etc.

Editorial, personal essay, reflection, analysis, comments...etc.

Themes and Publishing Schedule:
The Society introduces a new theme each month for contributors to lightly draw on. Detailed descriptions of themes are available upon request.

The Society publishes at the beginning of each month. Submissions are usually initiated two months prior to publication.

The Society strives to maintain a high standard of quality, and thus limits content per issue to ensure that each piece receives editorial feedback, and time to revise as and if necessary. We therefore do not guarantee that we will accept all contributions, nor that we will print all contributions as they are submitted. We do guarantee that we will be in communication with contributors regarding edits, in order to provide a collaborative and mutually satisfactory editing experience.

We recommend that written submissions stay around 1000 words, but will make exceptions for exceptional work. Artist's statements may be requested if not provided.

Illustrating and Other Involvement:
The Society is always looking for quality illustrations to accompany the written work we publish. If you are interested in provided accompanying artwork for contributors (be it photographs, drawings, paintings or graphic design) please get in touch with us.

In addition, the editors are all too happy for help with copy-editing and content organization. If you would like to serve as a guest editor in this way, email us!

The Staff:
Editorial staff include: Veronica Collins (Editor-in-Chief), Joel Bentley (Managing Editor, Design Editor), Jim Boraas (Web Editor, Design Editor), Laura Milligan (Community Editor), and Linette Schut (Copy Editor).

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