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Illustration: Andrea Robin Juby


Mandi Henderson: Ciò che non poteva Essere
Illustration: Andrea Robin Juby



Despite my sincerest efforts,
Your image,
stunning and coy
remains burnt within the very center of my ambiance.

the ocean ripples with a delicious distance;
vibrating, yet vast.

Laughable considerations gallivanting with a sheer naked reserve,
splatter feverish and rosy in the crevices that exist
between our pulses and the great abyss.

Wits catch me at last.
Breath, sudden and sure.
Yet, both fail me with utter weakness
at the surfacing of Chianti.
Ruby and fucking cheeky.

And then, there it is
Your mouth; painted to mine,
smoky and bitter,
following obediently with a red vibrancy.

Dammi un bacio.

A commanding, mental forever;
my compliance is yours.

Full-bodied with burning depths.


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