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This Great Society


Illustration: Shari-Anne Gibson

"An Apology” Poetry by Shari-Anne Gibson
Illustration: Shari-Anne Gibson

Logs of cedar are stacked high
bearing their naked ringed bellies
through young green maples:

a temporary horizon

The story of the cedars
is written along the skin of my arms,
scrawled inside my mouth,
along the eyelids of today

I will sleep tonight on sheets
of files for shiny, safe insurance,
of files for taxes for seven silent years

My cabinet inhales, exhales
my Dreams no longer inhale

Hangers trying to be shoulders
Feature a crowd of hybrid fabrics:
my dream cardigan hangs
your dream tunic too,
made in India

Plastic buttons

Soon dreams conflate with Dreams

I lie flat against the logs
as they shriek and tremble,
with hints of memory

My beloved tan, skinny bodies

I lie flat against this place
holding back, pushing forward
turning green to silver
to white

I lie flat

I lie flat, dear cedars



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