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This Great Society

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Creative Writing - Contents
"Wound Series” Drawings by Alysha Creighton "I Dreamt of Austin” Poem by Daniel Wagner
"Box” Performance Art by Brian Rush "The Shape of Things” Poems by Jessie Gaynor
"Nosy Little Buggers,” Paintings by Grace Kim "Terrible” Creative Nonfiction by Joel Bentley
Heidi Nagtegaal, Performance: Redirecting Traffic "The White-Collar Lawn Tractor Society” Short Story by Lauren Thompson
"Three Stories About The Same Thing — All True” Paper Cuts by Jillian Towery "The Baggage” Poem by Mandi Henderson
Jim boraas, Music: Loon Lake/Lost Lake "Resolution Revisited” Short Story by Marie C. Ballance
"Partners Across the Border” Drawings by Mark Gunderson "Why the Sun Still Shines Through Fractured Windows” Short Story by Noah C. Buck
"Winnipeg Gravel Pit", photographs and story by Neal Rockwell "As Me as I Could Get” Short Story by Trevor Leyenhorst
Thoughts and Analysis Formalities
"The Buddhism of Baseball” Personal Essay by Alle C. Hall
"Coming Back” Creative Nonfiction by Diane Sepanski
"Smoke” Personal Reflection by Fraser Martens
"A Dream Without Borders" Essay by Matthew Laine  
"Pushing a String: The Border between Classical and Quantum Physics" Essay by Patrick Bruskiewich  
"Boundaries” Creative Nonfiction by Rebecca Kruyswijk  
"Following Distance” Personal Reflection by Robert King  
"The Other Side of the Brandenburg Gate” Memoir by Sharon Collins  
This Great Society - Contents
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